Techiix is founded in 2020 with a mindset believes high-quality products should be affordable and accessible for everyone. 

The founders’ aim is to change gadget paradigms by creating products that is both functional and affordable priced.

With human beings spending more time than ever indoors, it is important not only that the air we breathe is clean, but that we can take comfort from our indoor spaces.

Now there is the Techiix™ air purifier, featuring a HEPA 13 filter, adjustable positioning, and space-saving design, the Techiix™ air purifier has 360 degree purification technology so as to promote the elimination of hazardous substances.

The Techiix™ air purifier suggests a new way to style your space. Techiix™ air purifier is a new concept in air filtration: the marriage of style and function

To achieve this, they gathered insight about maintaining the personality of a space and crafting an air purifier that would adjust with the space while, of course, maintaining its beauty as well.

The project main focus was the awareness of how important it is to value our own space. Bulky air purifiers take away your space unnecessarily. 

The Techiix™ air purifier, rooted in minimalist design, was brought to life by working day and night until they got it right.